Jerry has just joined us at TOESR. Read more about Jerry in available dogs.

We ask that you join us in offering our most heartfelt condolences to Wayne and Kathy on the loss of their TOESR dog, Monty. Monty came to the rescue from a shelter in a neighboring state. He wasn't in the best of shape but we addressed his needs immediately & he found a home quickly. Through no fault of his own however, Monty was returned after a couple of days. It wasn't long however until we found what was to become Monty's forever home with Wayne and Kathy. One of our long time volunteers, Tom Chepke, who had been fostering Monty, was kind enough to deliver him to the lucky new home. Therein began a lasting friendship with Tom and his own crew of sheepdogs visiting Monty and his new family from time to time. Through the years, Monty was plagued by a series of medical issues that Wayne and Kathy always addressed with much love and care. He was featured numerous times throughout the years in the TOERS calendar & held the highest position of cover dog in 2022. Kathy's own words while addressing the loss of their iconic dog give us a small taste of how much Monty was loved. 'Monty's health had been declining over the last year due to his heart issues and severe back and leg pain. When it was obvious that we weren't able to control his pain any longer, I knew we had to let him go. It broke my heart but I'd promised him from day one that I'd always do what was best for him. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Monty and become a part of the TOESR family.' We all share Wayne and Kathy's grief and will always remember him. RIP Monty.

Tarheel OES Rescue is happy to invite you to our 20th anniversary annual picnic, Saturday, September 14, 2024 at Joanie Moser Park, 601 Lewisville Clemmons Rd, Lewisville, NC 27023, from 11am to 3 pm. Lunch and drinks will be provided! You'll be emailed an invitation soon with all the details. If you've attended one of our picnics previously & we have your current email address, you'll receive an invitation. If you haven't joined us before & would like to do so, please email Belinda at [email protected] with your own info. This picnic will be our last so if you've always wanted to attend, now's the time!

TOESR wants your photos and stories of Sheepie Fun to feature on this site. Show us how you and your four-legged friends have fun all year-round!


Happy fifth adoptiversary, Dezi! - June 16
Happy second adoptiversary, Kosmo! - June 18
If you would like us to celebrate your dog's adoptiversary, please send us their adoption date and a picture to use. Then check back here during the week of their adoptiversary to see your dog's adoptiversary celebrated here at!
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