1. What does TOESR charge for an adoption fee?
TOESR requires a donation of $400 per dog that is adopted from our rescue group. This helps to offset the costs of medical expenses, transportation, etc., that may be incurred while the dog is in our care. NOTE: We do, however, make exceptions on a case by case basis when there are mitigating circumstances such as a medical condition or advanced age of a particular dog.
2. What are the requirements for adopting a dog from TOESR?
TOESR requires that any potential adopters fill out an application. We will also conduct a vet check as well as a home visit to make sure dogs in our care are placed in the safest and best possible homes for both the dog and the adopter.
3. What is the rescue group's policy on spayed/neutered dogs?
ALL dogs placed by TOESR will be either spayed or neutered prior to leaving the rescue's care.
4. How important is 'fencing' to being approved or turned down for an adoption?
This is one reason we make home visits. In most situations a fence is required in order to insure the safety of our adoptive dogs. There are circumstances however that may deem that a fence may be impossible. (Some communities ban fencing, etc.). Again, each situation is studied and a decision will be made by the volunteer handling the adoption.
5. How do I get my adopted sheepdog if I live some distance away?
Unless there are extenuating circumstances, we hope that prospective owners will make arrangements to pick up their new family addition at the home of the foster parents. We find that this helps to see the interplay between owner and dog as well as allows TOESR volunteers to meet with the new family at the same time.
6. If, after adopting a dog from TOESR , circumstances warrant that that the dog needs to be returned, what would be the process to do so?
We like to think that our 'adoption process' would negate a dog's return but sometimes there are circumstances that require it. When that occurs, TOESR will receive the dog back into rescue and any adoption donations will be returned if within the 30 day limits stated in the adoption contract.
7. I have submitted an application. When can I expect to hear something?
Rescuing and rehoming Old English Sheepdogs is our full-time passion, but not our full-time occupation. We are staffed entirely of volunteers, all of whom work regular full-time jobs. This means it may take a few days to reach out to you after we receive your application. Please be patient with us. Finding the perfect home for every dog we work with is a time-consuming task.
8. It's been a long-time since I submitted my application, why haven't I been allowed to adopt a dog?
We are blessed to have so many more willing, potential adopters than we have available dogs for adoption. This affords us the ability to be picky about our adoptive placements, for the dogs' sake. We review every submitted application, but sometimes even great potential homes will not be a good fit for the dogs we have in our foster program at any given time. We maintain a file of all past applications for consideration when dogs enter our care. When you and a dog are the best fit for each other, your application will be given the highest consideration.
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